JP Staffing’s goal is to simplify the hiring process.  Our candidates have been phone screened, interviewed face to face at our office, reference checked and skill evaluated accordingly for the proper position.  When we interview a candidate not only do we look at job skills, that’s a given, but we evaluate the soft skills as well.  JP Staffing will assist you from setting up the interview to arranging start dates and follow up after the start as well.


 JP Staffing accepts short term and long term contract positions.  We do not require a minimum time length of our contracts staying at your business.  All of JP Staffing’s contractors are covered by JP Staffing’s workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.  JP Staffing handles all payroll liabilities and responsibilities.  Our contractors are all paid on an hourly basis and receive weekly paychecks.  All of our contractors have been thoroughly vetted by our recruiters.

Contract to Hire

This allows you to hire a contractor for a period of time to determine if they are the best fit for your business.  Once determining if they are the long term perfect match you can convert them to your regular payroll and benefits plan as part of our contract to hire fee agreement.  Unlike some of our competition we offer a fair and reasonable buyout program which is all determined prior to the start of the candidate in contract position.  We recommend a minimum of a 30-day period before converting to your payroll, however we work for you and will follow your lead.


Direct Hire

We work on a contingency basis only, meaning you don’t pay us unless we find you a qualified candidate.  The fee for a direct hire is a one-time charge based on the employee’s first year’s annual salary.



 If you have found a candidate, but do not want to add them to your payroll immediately, we can put them on our payroll while you evaluate their suitability as a direct hire.  The client screens and supplies the selected individual(s).  JP Staffing hires the person and assigns him/her to the client, keeping unemployment and workers compensation exposure away from the client.  Should you decide to hire the candidate on a direct basis, the candidate would be moved from our payroll to yours with absolutely no fee involved.


Guarantee Policy
JP Staffing has a guarantee policy in place in case a candidate voluntarily terminates his or her employment with the client, or the client terminates a candidate’s employment with cause and not due to company downsizing or reorganization.  JP Staffing offers a 90-day prorated refund on a placement fee for Accounting & Finance, Human Resources and Office Administration positions.  For a Sales position JP Staffing offers a 30-day prorated refund of the placement fee.  This guarantee is contingent upon the payment terms being met by the client.

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