JP Staffing has a step-by-step process upon receiving a requirement from a client.


Communicate Job to Team

Search for Candidates:

Due to our proactive approach, we utilize our database with thousands of existing candidates.  We staff 90% of our job openings with people we have met before you call.


JP Staffing invests time and money in many resources; including job boards, referral partners and traditional Direct Recruitment strategies to locate the perfect candidate that will fit your needs.

Screen and Interview Candidates:

JP Staffing conducts phone screens and requires all candidates go through a mandatory face to face interview with a recruiter at our office.  Along the way we are testing each and every candidate on many different things.  Our recruiters are trained to evaluate each and every person helping us determine if they meet the job requirements.  Our recruiters spend 45-60 minutes with each and every candidate getting to know more about their passions, skill sets and job desires.  As 80% of the job is about soft skills we feel it's worth the extra time to focus on this.  By spending the 45-60 minutes in interviews, JP Staffing has been able to maintain a 98.6% success rate of permanent placements staying in their position for 3+ years.

Reference Checking:

Our recruiters conduct a reference check on every candidate prior to sending them to JP Staffing’s clients.  We ask specifically crafted questions to help obtain as much information as possible.

Skill Evaluations:

JP Staffing utilizes skill tests for knowledge in software, office skills, accounting skills among many other skill traits using the nation’s largest and most respected testing software PROVEIT.COM to verify the hard skills.

Send over Resumes for Client’s Review:

JP Staffing is not a resume service.  We try to send our top 3-5 candidates over for the client’s review.  Resumes will be accompanied with a brief summary of the candidate describing their personality and availability.

Schedule Interview with Client:

Your Recruiting Manager will coordinate and schedule times for you to meet with your selected candidates.


JP Staffing will assist with confirming start dates and any other needs prior to starting, including drug screening and background checks if needed.

Follow Through:

Most importantly we follow up with our client to see how things are going throughout the first month or term of the assignment. We also request feedback upon completion of assignment.  Our commitment to our client is to satisfy their needs and to continue to do so we need honest and open feedback.

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